Hello everyone. In this tutorial you implement Agora’s spatial audio functionality in a 3D Unity example. With two or more players in the scene, the audio modulates based on the distance between players and pans between the left and right speakers based on which side of the player the speaker is on while talking. In this project, you use Agora for the RTE spatial audio chat and PUN2 for the networking.

The basic functionality:

  • Adjust the gain based on your local player distance to remote…

Hello developers! In this tutorial you’ll change the channel profile from Agora’s default state ( Communication) to the Live Broadcasting state. Then you’ll use Unity’s Canvas UI to display attributes from each broadcaster in real time.

Finally, you’ll include a contingency for how the video feed will respond to difficult network conditions, which you’ll be able to monitor in real time using your call stats UI.

Hello, brave developers! In this tutorial you’ll set up a video chat in a 3D Unity environment in Unity 2019.4.1 (LTS) and a messaging feature using the Agora RTM signaling layer. This is essentially a 3D hangout where users communicate with people in the same channel and have the option to create, enter, and share a new channel with users in the RTM network. On joining the scene, each player chooses their username for the network and joins a community LOBBY channel. …

Hello, brave developers! In this tutorial you’ll set up multiple Agora channels in a Unity 2019.4.1 (LTS) environment. This project will demonstrate how to join multiple Agora channels via AgoraChannel objects. In this example, you’ll encounter the intricacies of joining multiple channels and publishing your stream to one allowed channel.

Getting Started with Agora

To get started, you need an Agora account. If you don’t have one, here is a guide to setting up an account.

This project builds on the Unity Multichannel demo. It uses a basic Unity scene and the Agora Video SDK.

UI Setup

First, you create the panel prefab to house the…

Hello, intrepid developers! In this tutorial you’ll set up an audio broadcast in a 3D Unity environment in Unity 2019.4.1 (LTS). This is essentially a video game environment where broadcasters can communicate with anyone in the same channel, and any audience member can listen in a game without video. On joining the scene, each player can choose via the UI to be either a broadcaster or an audience member, as well as the channel they want to join. Each broadcaster will have a gold material, and audience members will have the standard Viking aesthetic. …

Hello developers! In this tutorial you’ll see just how easy it is to switch from using Frozen Mountain to Agora for your video chat purposes in Unity.

First, some context is necessary as to why you’d want to migrate from Frozen Mountain. You are accomplishing the same functionality using ~200 lines of Agora SDK code, compared to the ~1500 lines required in the Frozen Mountain example. Agora puts the developers first, and we are continuously improving the developer experience and streamlining our products.

When using Frozen Mountain, you have three standard WebRTC protocols to choose from. When you use Agora…

Hello devs! Today I’m going to walk you through the steps needed to implement the Agora Real-Time-Engagement service into Unreal Engine using C++!

For this example, I’ll be using Unreal Engine 4.25 and the current Agora SDK.

Hey devs,
In this demo, I’ll walk you through each step needed to create a video calling app using Unreal Engine with the Agora SDK plugin!

Hello devs! Today we will be creating a video party chat feature inside of a networked demo using Unreal Engine Blueprinting on PC.

Unreal Engine is the most powerful real-time 3D creation platform, made even more powerful with the most powerful real-time engagement platform, Agora! The Unreal Engine is primarily known as the powerhouse behind games like Fortnite, Gears of War, and PUBG. However, Unreal is also used to create stunning architectural visualizations, 3D content enhancing live broadcasts, and much more!

Using Agora, you could integrate video party chat into the digital playgrounds of the future, connect realtors face to…

Harnessing Live Video for the Next Generation of Gaming & Apps

You know that app idea that’s been rattling around in your head? The one that’s too good to tell others about, where the details are sketched in your favorite notebook. It has your favorite songs and references. It’s so you, and finally the world will see what you have to say.

No one wants it.

Not me, not the person next to me in line at the coffee shop, and not the people working there either. Why does your app matter to us? What do your users need in their lives? Have you even asked? People download and delete apps…

Joel Thomas

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